Fun New Ways to Use Buttons

Our friends at have found several blog posts on how to reuse buttons you have laying around . Check it out and maybe you’ll find a fun craft to do with the kids!

18 Blogs with Creative Uses for Buttons

I especially like the DIY button monogram and recycled button artwork. The DIY monograms could be fun for older kids to make for their rooms. Have fun!

Use What You’ve Got

box supplies

We recently redid the shelving in our laundry closet in an attempt to create more space and organize. When we bought the house all the closets had the standard builder grade wire shelving. Hate that stuff! I’ve seen many people use peel and stick tile over them, or slim boards to solve the problems that come with wire shelving. We are slowly but surely replacing them with wood. It’s a bit more permanent but we spend time working out the configurations that work for us, and my husband does it himself. We’ve gotten the pantry done, just finished the laundry closet, and will do Buddy’s big boy room next. To help with our laundry closet organization I figured I needed some boxes to help keep all the smaller stuff contained. We’re on a budget so I thought I would use what I had myself. Enter basic cardboard boxes, paper bags, and Mod Podge. I did this the first time with a shoe box and used a big flimsier box for the example below. First you need to gather your supplies. A box, paper bag, Mod Podge, and brush. I tried to cut out pieces of the bags with the least lines. I put what remained in the recycle bin.

box supplies

You will want to cut four pieces from the bag. One for each side. Cut them slightly bigger than the side so you will have some overlapping. I did about 1/2 inch. Then, apply Mod Podge to the first side and completely cover it with the Mod Podge. Once you have gotten it on and smoothed out as much as possible, you will make a diagonal cut from the corner of the paper to the edge of the box. Then make a straight cut, parallel to the side of the box so that the straight cut will be at the bottom and top of the box, not the side.  It should look like this, making a small triangle cut-out.

 triangle cut-out

Next, you will put Mod Podge on the overlapping edges with the straight cut, and smooth the paper down. You should be left with the overlapping edges that are cut at an angle, like this.

angle edge

You will then apply Mod Podge to those pieces and smooth down the overlapping edge which should cover up the rough edge of the other piece. The bottom will look like this.


You are done! I put dish towels in the box and have one other that I use for small pet accessories. The first box turned out better. It was a sturdier shoe box and was just cardboard. The one use for the example above wasn’t as thick and had some packing tape on it which I think caused more wrinkles. The shoe box was really smooth except for the creases from the bag. Overall, I’m happy with the way it turned out considering I didn’t spend any money and they won’t be seen by anyone but us.  You could also use some cute scrap book or wrapping paper if you wanted something a little more decorative to put out.

dish towels