YumEarth Gummy Bears and Lollipops Review


Hello! We had a wonderful week at the beach and it’s taken me a bit to get back into the swing of things. I thought I’d do a quick review of one of our favorite treats. I found YumEarth Gummy Bears at TJ Maxx a few months ago and was hooked. These are hands down the best gummy bears I’ve eaten and they’re not bad for you! Well, relatively speaking. They are a bit high in sugar at 15g for a snack size bag, but that really is the only downside. They are certified organic and free of all major allergens, including peanut and dairy. There is no HFCS and they use all natural flavors. There isn’t any food dye either. I have no problem giving these to Buddy when he’s wanting something sweet. I just make sure I brush his teeth extra good that night.


I recently discovered their lollipops and love them too! In addition to all the wonderful qualities of the gummy bears, the lollipops are also kosher. Buddy loves these too and are a great, simple treat to bring on the go.YumEarth lollipops

Check out the YumEarth site for info on all their yummy products!

I was not paid or perked for my review. Yet another product that I love and want to spread the word!