Playing with Food

playing with fruit

One day I was thawing out some frozen blueberries for Buddy and noticed how pretty the paper towel looked after the juice had soaked in. I thought it would be fun to take several fruits and let Buddy play with them on some cardstock and see what kind of print he could come up with. I used strawberries, blueberries,cherries, and an orange, but the possibilities are endless.

playing with fruitI just sat them on the paper to give him the idea of what to do, and he took it from there. Of course, he had to take a few bites every now and then.

playing with food

He kind of used it as a stamp. You could probably cut some of the softer fruits into shapes if you think they’ll also use them like a stamp.

final food printYou can see that the orange didn’t do much. Maybe a dark grapefruit would work better? It was a fun, easy activity and Buddy enjoyed eating his “paint”.