DIY Kids beach bag

beach bag with cuts

We are headed to the beach in a few weeks and I thought Buddy might want his own beach bag to carry his toys. He’s loved putting things in bags since he could walk. I was going to use a small canvas bag and decorate it. I found the bag and paint pen, but couldn’t find any appliques I liked that weren’t girly. I found a few cute, nautical themed ones online but they would have been at least $10 when you added in shipping and handling. I didn’t want to pay that much, and if I was I would order a cute one from Etsy. Then I remembered this tutorial on a DIY produce bag and thought I would make that. I never made the produce bag, but I used the idea to turn sentimental t-shirts into small bags to use on trips. They are great for putting smaller items in without taking up much room. This project could be completely free if you already have a shirt on hand. I didn’t have a summer-ish t-shirt of Buddy’s that I wanted to sacrifice so I bought one from Goodwill for $2. It is a 3T. I wanted something big enough to carry a few toys, but small enough that he could easily carry it.

First you will need to cut off the arms and neck. Do not leave the seams on these parts. For the initial cut on the neck I cut right below the collar so I would have a thick enough strap left. I went back and cut the neck a bit deeper so the opening would be large enough.

beach bag with cutsObviously, these are not the cleanest cuts. I’m okay with this, but if you want it to look cleaner make sure you are using super sharp scissors.  Next, I sewed the areas where the seams meet at the shoulders and arm pits to reinforce them and keep them from unraveling. I don’t know how to use a sewing machine so I hand-stitched everything. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of the types of stitches. You could easily sew the raw edges of the straps with a machine, or even by hand, but I didn’t care to do this since it will be used by a little boy at the beach. I’m okay with it being imperfect since it will probably only last this trip.

Place a few stitches where the seams meet

Place a few stitches where the seams meet

Next, I turned the shirt inside out and sewed up the bottom. I have no idea what kind of stitch this is. A cross-stitch maybe? It seemed like it would be strong enough to hold a little weight and withstand the washing machine.

beach bag bottom

Once I finished sewing I put the bag in the wash pile to make sure it would hold up. It worked. I didn’t have any unraveling.

All done! The edges of the straps curled up a bit, but that was all.

All done! The edges of the straps curled up a bit, but that was all.

I put a few toys in to make sure it would hold it and it was fine. I could fit a small bucket and some shovels in. I also put in a reusable produce bag I found at the Dollar Spot at Target. We’ll use it to collect seashells.

finished beach bag with toys

That’s it! An easy, cheap (or free) beach bag for your toddler!


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