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theorie shampoo

Hello! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I’m happy to say it’s because we are expecting another little one! I’m due in the early spring. I’ve been really tired and working to get Buddy’s big boy room ready so we can move this new one into the nursery.  The blog is going to be a bit sparse in the coming months but I will try to drop in occasionally with a small post.

In addition to this update I want to give a little tip that most people are probably aware of, but I’ve never realized. Discount stores are a great place to look for earth friendly and organic products! I usually see food containers in the dishware, but I’ve never thought to check the hygiene aisle for lotions, shampoos, make-up, etc. I stopped by Marshall’s Home Goods the other day and thought I would look through that section since I’m in need of a new shampoo. Before this baby, I started slowly switching to more organic personal hygiene products since it can be pricey. I already use Dr. Bronner’s soap and a sulfate free shampoo that was running low. I found, what I think, is a big score. A 28.6 fl oz bottle of Theorie shampoo for $15! This is going to last a long time. Just look at the label to see how earth friendly it is.

theorie shampoo

The price tag said it is normally $30 and what I found online seemed to confirm that. I just started using it and it seems to work just as well as traditional shampoo. I might just have to keep buying it, even at full price.  Have you found any good deals in unexpected places? Any recommendations for a safe deodorant?


Dr. Seuss

Babies love to have something to hold onto. Why not make your baby happy and know what you’re giving him or her is safe. Go to  and purchase Dr. Seuss Horton Blankee. Horton is safe for your bundle of joy to chew on and snuggle with.

What’s Your Child Putting in His or Her Mouth?


Did you know your child might be being exposed to harmful toxins as you’re reading this? A lot of the teething rings, bath toys, rattles, plastic books and squeeze toys purchased today contain harmful toxins.
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