Reusing Nursery Furniture

Newborn Care has composed a great list of ways to re-purpose nursery furniture. I hope to do something with Buddy’s crib once we are done with it. I think re-purposing is a great way to hold on to things with sentimental value, but also make them functional as they grow older.  I browsed through some and picked out my favorites.  Check out  15 Blogs with Creative Ways to Reuse Nursery Furniture for the full list.

This was an older changing table bought from a garage sale and turned into a potting bench. It turned out so cute!

This crib was turned into a really cute bench.

LOVE this idea to turn a crib into a chalkboard easel. Would probably work best with old cribs, but might be doable with more modern ones.

This is a great idea for a redo of a play table.

These are such great ideas and I’m pretty sure Buddy’s crib will be a bench in a few years!


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