Green Toys Recycling Truck – One of our favorites

Recycling Truck 3

This is a green toy in every way! This truck is so much fun for a little one to play with. Our two-year-old has gotten so much use out of it. I was surprised by how large it is. You get a lot for your money.










The truck has a door in the back that opens up and openings on the sides to put recyclables in. He likes putting his wooden people in the back and raisins in the sides. We find all kinds of things in there. We have no problem with him eating the raisins after as the truck is food safe.










It has also proven to be very durable. Our son has thrown this a few times and dropped it several more, but there are no signs of wear and tear after playing with it every day for a month. I know this one will last us a long time.

We have been very happy with this product. This truck is made from recycled milk jugs and is BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.  Green Toys products are made in the USA. You can purchase one from Earth Friendly Tots here.










*We were not paid or perked by Green Toys for this review. Our son, and we as parents, truly love this product.

The Dangerous Ingredients of Plastic Toys

Toys are something children can never live without! In fact, if you are the parent of a little one, you are expected to find and buy the toys of your tiny tot’s liking. But is it good enough if you buy some random toy you find in a shop? That would definitely satisfy your kid; but the fact is that you might be indirectly giving your kid a toxic substance!! Yes – you are reading right! Almost every plastic toy contains toxic chemicals and by-products that can harm your child and cause serious health issues. Read on, to know more about the toxic substances a plastic toy may contain.

You would be surprised to learn that each step in the process of making toys involves chemicals, some less harmful than others, but there are some that can cause serious health issues. The main purpose for using chemicals is to save the time and money during the manufacturing process for these toys. Lead is one of the major toxic substances found in most plastic toys available today, as has been seen recently in toys being manufactured in China. Lead is actually a component of the paint used to color the toys. The paint containing lead can cause severe health issues even in a fully grown adult. And this paint, which can peel off from the toy with time, can cause severe lead poisoning to your child. This can lead to terrible defects in the body or even death if the level of lead is too high.

Phthalates are the next type of toxic substances found in plastic toys. These are substances that are added to the normal plastic material, to increase its flexibility and durability. As far as plastic toys are considered, flexibility is very important, mostly because children love to play with something that moves and bends. But if this flexibility is attained by the use of phthalates in it, you should definitely say NO to those toys, as they can harm your child and cause health issues. Sucking or chewing a toy containing phthalates can cause this toxic substance to be absorbed into the bloodstream and cause serious problems. These substances can actually affect the development of your child, cause an early onset of puberty, cancer, stunt growth or otherwise negatively influence them.

BPA or Bisphenol A is yet another toxic substance in toys which can harm your child. These substances, if ingested through chewing or sucking of the toy, can imitate the body hormones and cause various unpleasant and unwanted activities in the body of the child, including retarded growth or early growth and development of the child’s body.
The presence of polystyrene in toys also cannot be disregarded, when looking for safe toys for your child. This chemical is present in most toys and has the ability to cause cancer in the body. It is also known to affect the nervous system, thereby damaging the nerves in severe cases.

PVC plastic, the 3rd most commonly used plastic in the world, is another material you should be conscious of. Due to its nature as a hard and brittle material, numerous chemicals must be added to it to make finished vinyl products. Whenever your child plays with toys made out of PVC and puts them in their mouth, they can potentially end up ingesting these toxic chemicals.

Testing has been done on PVC toys designed for very young children, which included teethers, for the presence of hazardous additives known by the scientific term phthalates, which are used to soften plastic. All soft PVC products contain these hazardous chemicals.
It is also important to point out that there are very little regulations on the manufacturing and distribution of toys and the harmful substances they are made of.

There are no stringent tests a children’s toy product must pass before being put on the market in most countries, including the U.S., unlike crash tests that new cars must endure before being allowed to be sold. Do NOT fall under the assumption that if it made its way onto a store shelf or is simply being sold that it is safe. You MUST do your due diligence and understand what is in the product.

So now that you are aware, make sure that you choose wisely when looking for your tiny tot’s favorite toy! If you want SAFE toys that are chemical-free, made by environmentally and health conscious companies, check out the store over at:

Tip: Buy Toys With Minimal Packaging


Americans buy 3.6 billion toys per year, and in some cases the packaging volume for a single toy can be more than ten times the toy itself. Look for toys with the least amount of packaging , you will reduce pollution, save on waste, and fuel cost when having shipped. 



Are you looking for a way to help your child with balance and motor skills? could be your answer. The Push Along Hybrid Car aids young children in balance and motor skills. Shaped from a single piece of earth friendly Rubberwood, with smoothly finished edges this whimisical toy is a delight to hold and play with. Rubber wheels will protect your floor.  Measures 5x4x1


dump truck

Need help hauling a big load while helping save the planet? The Green toys dump truck is ready to get working.  Made from 100% recycled plastic milk container this really is the most energy efficient vehicle on the entire planet. The super cool eco-design has a workable dumper and no metal axles. Your little boy is going to love this dump truck.


Bead Maze

Is your family planning on traveling during the holiday season? Children will delight in our bead maze while developing visual skills, eye-hand coordination, and color and shape recognition, made of rubberwood, and earthfriendly hardwood, these colorful toys provide hours of  play! Handcrafted and hand-painted using child-safe paints.


Dr. Seuss

Will you love me, cuddle me and chew on me?  DR. SEUSS HORTON BLANKEE is going to make the perfect Chrismas gift for that special baby or little one in your life. DR SEUSS  is safe to chew on and loves to be cuddled.


Ramp Racer

Why would anyone want to fight the crowds during the busiest shopping days of the year?  Earth Friendly Tots has the perfect toy waiting to be delivered to your door.



Give the baby in your life a little security.  The baby in your life will feel secure and you will feel safe knowing our Lovie Blankie is made of certified soft organic cotton.  

What’s Your Child Putting in His or Her Mouth?


Did you know your child might be being exposed to harmful toxins as you’re reading this? A lot of the teething rings, bath toys, rattles, plastic books and squeeze toys purchased today contain harmful toxins.
At Earth Friendly Tots you can have fun shopping for your child and feel safe knowing all our toys and clothing are earth friendly or organic.