Reusing Nursery Furniture

Newborn Care has composed a great list of ways to re-purpose nursery furniture. I hope to do something with Buddy’s crib once we are done with it. I think re-purposing is a great way to hold on to things with sentimental value, but also make them functional as they grow older.  I browsed through some and picked out my favorites.  Check out  15 Blogs with Creative Ways to Reuse Nursery Furniture for the full list.

This was an older changing table bought from a garage sale and turned into a potting bench. It turned out so cute!

This crib was turned into a really cute bench.

LOVE this idea to turn a crib into a chalkboard easel. Would probably work best with old cribs, but might be doable with more modern ones.

This is a great idea for a redo of a play table.

These are such great ideas and I’m pretty sure Buddy’s crib will be a bench in a few years!


DIY Home Cleaning Products

Once I was pregnant with Buddy I became more aware of the products we were using in our home. I made sure not to use any harsh cleaning products, and left that stuff up to the husband. I switched our laundry detergent to All Free and Clear and then eventually started making our own. I’ve also made a room scent which doubles as a sort of all purpose cleaner. I’m gradually adding more homemade cleaning products to our home, and hope to eventually eliminate all the ones we typically buy from the store. Here’s a list of what I’ve tried and hope to try in the future. Links go directly to the post.

I made my own felted wool dryer balls and did a how to post about it here. I’ve loved using them. They don’t seem to have cut down on drying time, but definitely help with static.

I’ve been using this laundry detergent for over a year. I even use it on cloth diapers with no problems. Make sure to grate the soap on fine. I prefer to use Dr. Bronner’s bar soap for ours.

I made this all-purpose cleaner and also use it as a room spray. I sprayed it in the microwave and wiped off with a Magic Eraser with no scrubbing!

I think making my own hand sanitizer is next on my list. I’m not a germophobe, but I like to keep it handy after I go thrifting. Yuck!

This mosquito repellent will come in hand for those of us in the south. It has been especially rainy this summer, and they are out in full force!

I didn’t make my own baby wipe solution with Buddy because I thought it would be too much work. It seems so simple and I will definitely try it when we have another.