Earth Friendly Tots is a family run blog that believes we can all do a better job of surrounding our children with environmentally responsible products that are also healthier for our kids to use. We believe all children should have fun, safe and educational toys and products with special consideration given to our Earth.

On our site, we review products, post interesting things that like-minded parents would find interesting and generally promote the idea that we should make concious decisions in the products we purchase and surround our childdren with.

We are always on the look out for items that are made of natural, recycled and eco-friendly materials.  We have carefully selected the brands we review and articles we share to ensure our readers benefit from these ecological choices.  We hope you enjoy our blog and help support the eco-friendly movement by allowing the children in your life to grow closer with nature.  You do have a choice; why not go with environmentally friendly products?  If you have product suggestions or feedback, please contact us through social media or on our contact page here.